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We are proud to add a new assortment of materials to the products we offer. This will help you attract customers with goods that are in high demand and offered by other large chains. Now you will also be able to meet your customers' needs directly in your store.


BAMAK PLUS, s.r.o., Košice
Dunajská 12
040 11  Košice

IČO: 36 197 327
IČ DPH: SK2020046732

Tel:   00421 55 678 63 62
Fax:  00421 55 678 32 57

Sheet Steel Division Director:
Ing. Tibor Szücs
Email: szucs@bamak.sk

Sales Director:
Ján Kulhánek
Email: kulhanek@bamak.sk
Sales Representative:
Branislav Nohaj
Email: nohaj@bamak.sk
Sales Representative:
Martina Kulhánková
Email: kulhankova@bamak.sk
Sales and Logistics Manager:
Ing. Lucia Chálková
Email: chalkova@bamak.sk


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