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We are proud to add a new assortment of materials to the products we offer. This will help you attract customers with goods that are in high demand and offered by other large chains. Now you will also be able to meet your customers' needs directly in your store.

Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets

These sheet metals are suitable for cold-shaping applications in products with surfaces that will be painted, metal plated or enameled.
We offer these sheets in the following levels of quality:

  • Structural – St37-2G; St37-3G; St44-3G; St52-3G
  • Heavy-duty – DC01; DC03; DC04; DC05
  • High strength – micro-alloy – H240LA; H280LA; H320LA
Basic parameters Input material Output material
Sheet thickness: 0,40 – 3,00 mm  
Coil/band width: max. 2000 mm min. 20 mm
Sheet width: max. 2000 mm 80 – 2000 mm
Sheet length:   80 – 18000 mm
Internal diameter: 500/800 mm 350/500 mm
Max. weight of input coil: 30t